:גולני זה הכי אחי

Lev Echad


The organization was founded by our community member, a graduate of Magen David Yeshivah Yoni Hadar who's currently serving in the Golani brigade as a lone soldier. The organization donates equipment for soldiers who are fighting on the front lines. The money you donate goes to Flashlights, Kneepads, Water Canteens and many more things that are necessary for soldiers.

The Organization also focuses on "Lone Soldiers" needs: Food coupons, Financial support, and Tefilin.  

Twice a year the organization brings soldiers to USA, for Hasbara in the Syrain community, Colleges High Schools Synagogues.


One for all, all for one !!!

!עם ישראל חי

כאיש אחד בלב אחד